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Email money transfers are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have an account with CIBC and bank online, I can email money to a friend, and if he has online banking, he can get it in a minute - if he doesn't he can take it to his bank and get the money. Most of the major banks are doing it now - If this is an option, PM Jeff and ask him if he can get an email money transfer, I suspect he can - but if he can't he should get it, so those who don't have paypal can send money from their computer.

the following is what I send people who we are about to do a money transfer to

What is an Email Money Transfer?
If you have an email address and online banking password at
a participating bank, you can send and receive money - instantly.
Email carries the notice while the banks transfer the money -
securely - using existing payment networks. If your bank does
not yet offer Email Money Transfers, you can still deposit transfers
to any bank account in Canada. Click
for details.
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