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For the fun of it, i named off everything on the top of my head, however, for my NEXT aquisition, I'm getting 0.2 Fat Tail Geckos lol The little voice inside my head is telling me to be adventurous and try something other than snakes lol

1.2 Piorun Children's Pythons
1.2 Piorun Spotted Pythons
1.2 Piorun Stimsons Pythons
1.2 Piorun Anthill Pythons
0.1 Kahl Strain Albino BCI
1.0 Boaphile Anery BCI
1.0 Malaysian Blood Python
3.6 Kenyan Sand Boas (1.2 Normal, 1.2 Anery, 1.2 Albino)
0.1 Burmese Python
1.3 Olive Pythons
4.4 Cornsnakes (Blizzard Corn, Blood Red, Charcoal Corn (Anery B), Ghost Corn, Motley Anery A (hurricane), Striped Amel, Striped Anery, Striped)
1.4 California Kingsnake (1.1 Albino, 0.2 Striped, 0.1 Dessert Faze)
1.3 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
1.1 Anery Honduran Milksnake
3.12 Fat Tail Geckos (Melanistic, Amel, Normals, Broken Pattern, Stripes...)
1.2 G. luii
0.2 Blue Tongue Skinks
0.1 Savannah Monitor
0.1 Freckled Monitor
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