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Question Question about chat room.........

Ok, whenever I try to go in the chat room, I agree to all the terms and all, then this thingy pops up and asks if it wants me to install J blah blah blah software program, well, I will, as soon as someone tells me if it will mess up my computer or anything, just wanted to make sure cause If i screw this computer up, I wont be able to see my 13th b day!! LOL!! On top of that, I always get in trouble for EVERYTHING that goes wrong with this computer, Its NEVER my grandpa's fault ( this is his computer) its always, "Jeanette, there is something wrong with the computer, now when you installed blah blah blah It messed EVERYTHING up for me, now I want you to take that off of the computer, cause now I cant open my email" or something like that!! I remember once he said I couldnt talk on MSN messenger cause it was messing him up!!:bugged::jawdrop: So I had a fit, cause messenger is my life, and I showed him it was HIS fault, he started to believe me and then let me talk on it again!! But UGGHHH!! Its not always me fault ya know!! Well, since I have been typing up a storm about stories no one is going to read, I better go, but please let me know if that will mess up my computer ( the computer is Dell Dimension 4400 and Windows XP) that is, if you want me to see my 13th b day!! lol!! bye bye!
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