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In my opinion there are too many people out there trying to portray them selves as something they are not. Hobbist who call their downstairs herp room a "facility". The Sutherlands have a facility, Reptile Head Quarters is a facility. A spare bedroom (which is what I have BTW) is not a facility, it's a spare bedroom with herps in it.
And I say if someone is going to try and act like a retailer then they shouldn't get mad when they are treated like a retailer. Hey this is capitalisim and a buyers market. If I don't like the serivce at Zellers, I can go to Wal-Mart they have all the same stuff anyway.
Dealers don't like tire kickers well too bad. When I buy a snake I spend a lot of cash and I want to be 100% sure I'm getting quality so I ask a tone of questions. If they don't all get answered I take my money else where, I've done it before and I'll do it again. As for price though, I don't think I've ever asked an established breeder to lower their price. When I buy from Roy Stockwell and Don Patterson I don't ever ask them to change their price. I pay what "they" ask because I know what I'm getting from them is worth every penny. But if it's one guy that may have something for sale that I might want (not how I buy my animals BTW) I may see if he wants to move a bit if I don't think it's a fair price.
My very own little rant too I guess,
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