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I hate that too. I wanted to buy a Tank off Ryan337. He dropped the price lots to help me with my steam pipes bursting(flooding) and Christmas bills, and getting laid off, I had NO money still to buy it. He was very understanding and polite. A real pleasure to talk with. Too bad more people like him aren't around. If you see this guy selling something, I would say his word is good. Great guy.

Then there's a crooked lying weasle (not to insult weasles, lol) that likes to sell Russian Torts as Captive Bred when infact they are Wild Caught, in poor health, and loaded with parasites. He also sells snakes claiming they are Albino Hets and such when they are not. He ripped me bad along with other buyers who sent him money and got no tortoise. A complete imature loser. If anyone wishes to know who, PM me. I'm not one to publicly announce his name. Although he could use an onslot of heckling and a good kick in the rear.

I guess you just have to get to know someone before you trust them. It's a shame.

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