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Wow scalawag, thats pretty cool. =^-^= I'll tell ya what my names mean to

Candy Cane Corn: Peppermint (pretty obvious I'd say)
Normal Corn: Guttata (part of the scientific name for corns)
Ball Python: Ade (West African for Royal One)
Leo Gecko: Pardus (Part of the scientific name for spotted leopards, you know, the big cat)
Bearded Dragon: Vito (Stands for Vitticeps, Scientific name yeah)
Marbled Gecko: Paddy (sister's idea, I think its for his sticky toe pads)
Pink and white shorthair cat: Strawberry (beacuse she's pink. Duh)

Im thinking of nameing my beauty snake either Kuaiju which is Chinese for quick fast or Taen for their scientific name.
Tyger Tyger Burning Bright: William Blake

2.0 Cornsnakes 1.0 Ball Python 0.1 Cal Kingsnake 0.1 Taiwan Beauty Snake 0.1 Leo Gecko 1.0 Bearded Dragon 1.0 Marbled Gecko
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