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That's funny you should mention that because I can totally remember back about 17 years ago when I had my first "purchased" snake that wasn't a local capture. All those years of reading about them and seeing pictures in books, and I had one in my care!! It was literally like meeting a celebrity. That's the closest metaphor I can think of. I mean, I spent my whole childhood obssessing about their natural history and where they were from, what they did, what they ate, how big they got, etc etc, but when I finally had one in my room (it was a Texas Rat Snake) I was in heaven. I couldn't believe I had one of those "famous" snakes I always read about. The very snake that farmers mistook for rattlesnakes etc etc. It was weird to finally have one as a pet.

And then it just took off from there. Kinda weird, but I wish I could go back. I seemed a lot more excited to get that snake then, than I do getting any now. Its not that the allure is gone, its just that there was nothing like the excitement of getting that 4-foot snake that I had only read about as a kid.

Oh well, such is life. Things are ALWAYS better in retrospect.

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