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When was the last ........

Well as the title says "When was the last" time you just sat back and lost all track of time watching your reptiles. Now for those of you with only a few herps this may not apply but more for the ones with larger collections, you know those with say over 30 or the really big ones over 200. Tonight I was doing some spot cleaning and started to watch one of my emeralds moving throughout his enviroment. The way he moved , explored, and even checked me out was well a little overwhelming almost. Before too long about an hour and a half had gone by.
Some times we get so involed with cleaning, feeding, and making sure all the little things are taken care of that maybe we tend to forget why we love these creatures and invite them into our lives.
I don;t know maybe i'm just losing my mind but if I am what a way to lose it.
So from me to you, just stop and watch, remember, enjoy and oh ya listen to that little kid inside us, you know the one LOOK AT THAT SNAKE DAD I WANT ONE THEY ARE SO COOL.
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