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theres gotte be a better way....

hey everyone i was flipping chanels last night and ended up on discovery were they were showing the brown snake problem on gaudamala i've heard about this alot of times befor so it was a surprise when they said they intended to kill the species in hopes of restoring natural species but they way the inteneded to do it was horrible and risky. They said they were testing dieses on the snkaes that would kill them more slowly so that it would spread to more snakes and wipe out more but then in the begging of the show it was talking about how thye have a nack of getting on planes and ending up in countries far away. So what happens if they use the diese in gautamala and that snake passes it on to another who ends up on a banna shipment to flordia then passes it on there since it only affects reptiles like in acouple of years wouldn't most of the north american and south american populations of reptiles ptetty much be wiped out. i dunno sounds pretty risky and cruel to me.
just my 2 cents
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