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If your snakes were a HUGE part of your life then that is probably why. When you take something away that is a major part of your life, you see it every day, touch it, hold it, feed it, take care of it's well being every day it becomes a part of you in a way.

The same thing happened to me when I moved and couldn't take my dog, I would dream that I would be walking up to her, but as soon as I got so close she would run back, sit and watch me, like she was waiting for me.

Then when I gave away my birds (I had no choice they were to noisy to take with us when we move) I had a dream that I would open their cage/s to water and feed them (don't know why I opened the door, because they had the little door for their food dishes) they would fly out into the room and I wouldn't be able to catch them..........Part of that probably had to do with guilt though I still miss my little singing babies, but they went to a good home and was able to stay together.
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