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Originally posted by Randolph
i tried the rubbermaid idea last night and again today during the day. I was able to remove a couple of individual scales but nothing signifiacant. Also the leftover skin is about a quater down the length of the snake so it is a distance from the tail. I'm just about to give up on this i have spent about 8 hours in total working on this unless someone else can offer me another idea or some help i may have to leave it until the next shed. Thanks for everyone's help but it's just not working.
My Amazon had some stuck shed to it when I got it. I kept up humidity, also a few times in a damp pillow case (which he musked in while he was in there )and most came off. There was some stubborn skin which wouldn't come but came off perfect with the next shed. Now I probably would be more hands on to helping a snake that is handleable. Whatever you do though, don't pull on it if it's sticking
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