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I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents here.

This year so far, Erin and I are going to be attempting to breed common corns, kenyan sand boas, sinaloan milks, and black-bellied kings het for albino. Whoopie! Not a single snake over $40! Big freakin' deal, right? Wrong.

The corns I'm breeding are a HIGH red male to a possible miami or miami x normal female. 2 incredible specimens. The kings I'm breeding are not only het albino, they may create BLIZZARD babies if I F2 them because the mother is a melanistic king. (Melanistic + Amelanistic = very reduced pattern albino, or blizzard.) Even the sinaloans are exceptionally nice proven specimens that are larger than any others I've seen (Daddy is 4.5 feet, mommy is 4 feet), and have an incredible red coloration to them that hasn't faded into orange. Admittedly, the kenyans are kinda blah.

So why am I breeding them? Well, for now, that's all I have that is breedable, lol

Well that, and I truly feel that the specimens I'm breeding together are definitely top notch. And here's the other major factor - if they sell, great. Pocket change that I can put towards something a bit more expensive. If they don't sell, however, Erin and I are more than willing to house the creatures for the rest of their lives and raise them as pets. This even goes for the 3.3 group of common boas we have. (Soon to be 4.4). We will only be breeding the superior specimens to create the best looking babies imaginable. If they sell, great. If they don't, I'm going to be building a LOT of cages.

But seriously, they can be slung in trades, blown out the door wholesale, shipped to the states (I have every intention of learning the ins & outs of exporting), or whatever. I'm doing this because I can't wait to see what the babies look like!!! I can't wait to pick holdbacks.
- Ken LePage
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