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Well not everyone has the same perspective about the beauty of the animal. And by always trying to get a better morph and all you end up with some problems into your high end animal. The best example is in dogs, look at the Bouviers, all of them have hip problems because of the inbreeding they suffered. Why ll the inbreeding? to get the nicest bouvier... Same will happen with leopard geckos if you constantly breed them together without entering some new blood strain. I have a leucistic who has a crocked tail from birth, and more and more people are getting some reptiles with problems like this, either be a cornsnake with a crocked tail or a gecko, I am pretty sure it is in part due to some excess in inbreeding.

I personally still love a "crappy" looking gecko since this is what they would be suppose to look like in the wild. And we don't sell less and less to petstores, it's the pet stores who offer less and less. Did you know importers pay around 8 to 10$ per leopard geckos when they buy them in bulk (thousands at a time). Pet shopts pay those geckos from wholesalers around 18$ so when we manage to sell a leopard gecko 30 or 25$ at a pet store, I consider it lucky for that person considering the pet store will still sell that leopard gecko the same price he sold his wc one. I doubt a pet store will always invest more money into some cbb when he looses money out of it.
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