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Well by higher end I personally meant higher qaulity. And this doesn't mean womas and snow dragons say. This means only breeding the best of the best of ANY phase, including normals.

My corns had 20 babies this year. Only two were good enough that I would ever consider breeding them myself from what I could see right off the bat (obviously they will mature and some become even better than my holdbacks). I have three here at my house. Now should I just breed that third one just because I have it? Not in my mind, it will remain my roomates pet. I am just saying I don't like how everyone feels they have to breed everything that have every year and just keep selling things cheaper and cheaper to pet stores. It doesn't make sense. If you have some ho hum leopard geckos, and a pair of outstanding clean beautiful normal leopard geckos, keep the ho hums as pets and only breed your high qaulity ones. The only people I really see striving to do this are bigger breeders. You *constantly* see people with a pair of kinda crappy looking normal anything wanting to breed them over and over again. I don't understand this. I compare it to the dog "market" Breeding a breed of dog that doesnt exactly fit its breeds standard is considered very wrong by most breeders. This just creates more "o.k." Golden Retrievers for example instead of more people focusing on only those who conform. I realize we have no scale for this with reptiles but a little more personal discreation (sp) from small breeders (including even me!) would be nice for everyone involved in this hobby.

Then again people "into" it just won't purchase these ho hum animals so I guess in the end it doesnt really matter. Just chit chatter.

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