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Even with "high end" specimens, eventually we all know he price drops down very fast. Look at an albinos ball python, 3 years ago, they were extremely expensive, and yet this past year, they have gone down a few thousand dollars. Why, becuase some people will buy at the high price and breed them, sell the hets and all, so you have more people who can breed albinos and eventually you have to start lowering the price to compete with the others who have the same as you. And quality price, isn't always true either. Reputation is what would make me pay extra money for a lizard or a snake. And what most of us call high end, is in fact, a defecience in the gene pool. Odd how we are attracted by an albinos specimen when you think of it ;-) But I would prob still be the 1st in line to get some mojave ball pythons. lol

And having many beginner lizards isn't a bad idea, I like it when I go in pet stores and see they sold out all their leopard geckos, this means there are more and more people getting into the hobby. Lower end also means constant demand. You will always have someone who will want a leopard gecko, compared to a woma, not many people see the value of paying such a high price for one snake...
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