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Marisa- I think you make some great points. Thanks for the response and clearing up my question.

As for the money issue.....I think it is important when selling for the buyer to realize there is different quality stock. If you want a beginner animal and buy a Normal Leo, realize that another table selling Leo's for $100 more could be due to the difference in quality (different morph, bloodline etc). If you want the best, you have to pay for the best. If you go to someone else and buy something for a lot less.....stop thinking "hey, I got a great deal" instead question what you got. Yes, you got a cheap leo, dragon etc.....was that your goal? Did you want a low priced whatever that you could have found anywhere, or did you want something special "the best of the best" . If you wanted something special, then you just wasted your money. (but hey, you saved $100...good for you)

We produce some lower end Bearded Dragon Morphs for the people that want a dragon but can't pay the high prices the high colours command. I agree that there are too many lower end animals being produced, unfortunately we have to do that to stay competitive. However, I think that a point brought up earlier clears this up. Even though we produce some cheaper morphs...they are in no way "bla" animals. Still great quality animals, healthy, just lower colours or bloodlines. So....I would like to think that they are still special and worth breeding. Breeding can be a difficult job to make money have good months and bad months and have to stay competitive, while keeping your prices set on the "high-quality" animals, and have enough money to carry yourself when sales are low as there are still hungry mouths to feed and bills to pay.

We would not sell our highest phase dragons for low prices (with the exception of advertised sales) even if a customer threatened to go somewhere else. We spent a lot of money on our breeding stock, so that we could produce the best for everyone. Why drop the prices on these guys and kill the market when we have put so much into it.

Even with our high-prices, we still have people coming back...time and time again. Why? Because we are consistant with the quality of our animals and we have put the money into our breeders to produce the best. Also things like customer service come into play. Providing care sheets with every dragon sold (unless you want to read it on our website instead).....being here to answer questions whenever you need help. Also, providing all the information on our babies (clutch hatch date, parents, bloodline info, pictures of parents, etc), letting people come and see our setup and breeders and standing behind the animals that we breed. When you talk about reputation I think these are the things that help build a good reputatioon within the reptile community. Your job is not done when you successfully hatch a have to provide the "extras" and the service to your buyers to make yourself stand out.

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