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The lower the prices, the more people will be willing to invest in them. I bought a black roughneck monitor a few years back, and paid quite a lot of money for it at that time to have it die less than a month later and after a vet bill over 800$ for it. I never bought an other monitor since because of the high price of them and that most are wild caught and not in such good shape when they get in. If they were to be cb and the prices dropped, then I would consider buying some more.

It's the same thing with leopard geckos, a few years back they were over 100$ each and now, the average price in a petshop is betwen 50 and 70$, but they make over 200% profit, and an importer pays less than 10$ for them when he orders them by the thousand, I saw some prices on those.
I bred leos last summer, and I sold the babies 50$ each, or 2 for 80a nd 3 for 110$... I did sell all my leopard geckos, and I didn't want to sell any to petsotes, not because of the price they would offer me, but because I wanted the geckos to go straight into a place that was right for them.

I do not understand why you think that because a few people posted some reptiles at very low prices, we will all have to sell them these prices now. It's inevitable, people buy more geckos, breeds them, so you have a huge amount of them, and what happens when the market has a boom on a product, the sellers lower the prices to compete with each other, and the fact that it isn't a rare item either makes the prices go down a lot.

The wheel always turned the same way and I doubt it will change for reptiles. The more people get into it, the more are available and the lower the prices go. Iguanas are now 15 and 20$ in petshops around Montreal, a fwe years back they were 100$...
In a few years, I am sure you will have them on corner of pet store counters as a gift when you buy some crickets for food...
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