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Personally I do not believe the market in Canada will EVER be as close to as hot as it is in the states. Aside from the obviously population issues there are other things to consider.

Many of the largest colubrid breeders in the states with thousands of animals live in the south where heating and cooling aren't as big of concerns. Here in Canada a person with 1000 corns is going to need a lot more money and a lot more equiptment to have a business comparable to a USA breeder. Even if the population and market size were similar, it just takes more work up here to get things that large. It obviously can be done, just not as easy.

I for one can tell you that if I was in Florida I would have a lot more snakes than I do here in Ontario! LOL.

Personally I just would like to see less "average" stuff being constantly pumped out into Canada. I think Canada is at a point where we can have a large reptile market, or a smaller higher QAULITY market. I would hope most breeders would strive for this.

Another good post Mousekilla.

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