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Alright, I obviously said something dumb because several people missed what I was trying to say, my fault.

When I said that people only breed to benefit their own pocket I did not mean that people only breed to get rich or make money. What I did mean is that when it comes time to sell the animals that you may have bred just for fun you still want the best return you can get on them. Since I am one of the majority of breeders that knows they aren't going to get rich doing it and mainly do it as a learning experience or hobby I am the last one to say that it's all about greed. Breeding corn snakes is a dumb thing to do if you're trying to get rich but that doesn't change anything when you are trying to sell them, you're selling in the same ruthless market as everyone else and all the same rules apply.

I also don't agree with idea that too many low end animals are being produced or that this flooding of the market is bad for the hobby. If anything higher production and the corresponding lower prices will bring new customers into the market and at this point in the game, what's good for the market is good for the hobby.

I hear a lot about the Canadian market being too small but I feel it has just yet to be exploited. People who keep reptiles are still in the minority of pet owners but as more and more animals become available at lower and lower prices it's bound to catch on. I mean there are people out there who have rats as pets, honest to God rats. Would anyone keep a rat as a pet if it cost $100? Remember that no matter how much you love dogs you can only have so many if you live in an urban or suburban area. Snakes and geckos on the other hand can be kept by the hundreds in a spare bedroom or basement. I think there is a gigantic potential market but it must be cracked open first. The way to do that is to have available a diverse range of species at low prices.
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