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To the original post...

Recently, I sold some leopard geckos to someone for far less than I paid for them. Many of you probably saw my adds.

I found the market to be much, much stronger in Alberta then it is here in BC. I've learned quickly that leos, as much as I love them, are going to be a headache to breed and sell here. As such, I've sold all but my favorites.

Was I mad that I had such a hard time selling those leos? Yes, I was. But I don't blame anyone. I was well known to both pet stores and local people in Edmonton, and selling was a breeze.

Basically, the way the market is here...if you're selling leos, corns, beardies, etc. I wouldn't complain about the prices. It's already been said that they're a hard sale.

I considered it a case of Live and Learn. :/
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