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Wow, I can't believe I missed a pet name thread!

1.0 Ball Python--Damballah (voodoo god/goddess)

0.1 Ball Python--Prana------- Breath of life

0.1 Motley Amel Corn Snake--Charulata---Beautiful creeper (vine, as in plant)

0.1 cat---teagan (it's an irish name I can't remember the meaning)

0.1 dog--Bella (aka boo-boo)

0.1 dog Akasha (I can't remember the meaning!)

1.0 rat--Aiden (irish for fire, it's a Pink Eyed White)

0.1 rat- Cree (irish for heart, beige)

0.1 Blue Silver Marten Rabbit ---Calliope

I don't think I missed anyone.........

I also have a 1.2 rat group that is named Breakfast (male rat) the females are lunch and dinner, and any babies they have are called "The Snacks in between". lol
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