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I have two male dragons and I'm not going to get a female because I don't want them to breed and be stuck with all the babies they produce.
Good point Zoe!

This is what I was talking about earlier. You have lots of new people coming into the hobby and breeding anything they own. "Oh I have two ho hum corns, but they are male and female so of course I am breeding them" That just makes no sense to me. Why people are churning out more and more and more makes no sense to me. Everyone seems to have this giant pressure on them to breed anything they own thats breedable, and if its not, then buy a mate and breed them as soon as possible. But hey it's a free country.

A good example is the snakes we bought this year. My BF and I wanted some het albino ball pythons. We had the cash for a pair or trio of 100% hets but after a few months of careful thinking he decided that I could get the hets, but he wanted a GTP. We ended up purchasing only a male het, and his GTP. Will this help me out breeding? Not this year. It sets me back a year for ball pythons. But he LOVES GTPS. That's what he wants to work with. It won't make money ever, and we wont even get a mate for years until we find one, and sure I'll eventually get a female het this year or next but I am waiting to match up my male perfectly with a 100% or some super nice normals. instead of just breeding anything that has a hole. lol.


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