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Come on, no one breeds and sells animals for the sake of anything but they're own pocket and if they tell you different they're either a liar or a fool.
That's very far from being true. I have a small collection, and when I have an adult pair I will try and breed them for fun and experience. I know I'm not going to get rich and I'm not trying to. Take my IJs, I'm breeding them again this year (well, trying), because I want to see little heads poking out of eggs, not because I want to make 10,000$. If anything, it's the opposite! How many people on this site can say 'Yeah, I breed herps because I'm going to get rich'... no way, they'll say 'im breeding herps because they are my hobby, and if I make money ,great, if not, oh well" and they arent all fools or liars.

Personally, I'm concerned about the market itself. It's getting quite hard to sell anything; beardies and leos and corns go for a dime a dozen. I have two male dragons and I'm not going to get a female because I don't want them to breed and be stuck with all the babies they produce.
Sure, there are some higher end animals that can be sold at a decent price, quickly enough, but what's going to happen in a couple years? Albinos and rare species will be bred more often because knowledge will increase and more animals will be produced. Unless you export, I can't see how anything will be worth much in the futureť

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