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I agree with everything you have said, except "Come on, no one breeds and sells animals for the sake of anything but they're own pocket and if they tell you different they're either a liar or a fool." Lots of people breed and sell animals for fun, which is why they're happy giving them away if they can't sell. Me, I don't even intentionally breed much (if anything), but I'm quite happy producing lots of corns, normal or otherwise, because if every kid had a pet corn snake, a lot fewer people would kill wild snakes. Every corn snake out there contributes to the education of the general public.

For this reason, I don't think that producing 'blah' quality normal corns hurts the hobby. These will go to people who just want a simple pet snake, and don't care if it is a lavender which is het for invisible. In the worst case, cheap corns and leopard geckos will replace wild caught anoles, ribbon snakes, and rough greens as the pet industry's throw away pets of choice, which is fine by me- fewer animals taken from the wild, and the unknowledgeable consumer gets a better animal that the have a better chance of being successful with. Odds are, some of these new owners will get the bug, and become new people in 'the hobby.'

Having said this, we sell our corns privately for $50, and we do get it, but we're not trying to sell them into the 'hobby'. Anyone in the hobby knows they can get them cheaper at the expos.

Marc, I can see why you would like to limit the exposure of common species at shows. This will happen on its own anyway due to the market forces Mousekilla describes. If many people keep showing up with leopard geckos and not selling them, some of them will eventually stop doing it. If fewer are there, the prices will eventually rise a bit. However, I can't believe you said this- "The vendors that are just selling Beguiner Herps or have beguiner Herps at ther both should be forced to have all animals for sale Vet checked with a paper proving so for every indavidual animal and also have detailed Care sheets with a FAQ attatched at the back for the species so if you have 20 Ball pythons you MUST have 20 vet slips and 20 Care sheet just doing that extra effort Will Make you look That much Better."

Can you imagine what that would do to the cost of a corn snake, or a ball python, or most other species? Individual vet checks? Get real! Assuming that we're talking about captive bred specimens, this would be a complete waste of money! A captive bred corn snake, assuming it is feeding which a vet cannot determine, and has no overt deformities, should do just fine and does not require being seen by a vet. Assuming proper husbandry, it will likely NEVER need to be seen by a vet! I'll agree with the caresheets, though- always a good idea, but I think having them on a website is better, as it uses less paper that people will just lose. And, I think it is just as important to have care sheets for the more expensive (generally harder to keep) animals as the cheaper (generally easy to keep) animals!

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