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We share the 3 dogs with my mom and dad couldn't just pick one to take lol...Kia Bouvier, Kasha Chow chow, Dingo Australian Cattle dog. My daughter's siamese cat is Cloe.
White's tree frogs, Kermit & froggy
Emp Scorpion, Scorpie (my son named it lol)
Uro, Spikes
Rosey, Charlotte
bloodred corn, Dragula
Caramel, Hagatha
Amel corn, Jules
Red albino, Ruby
unsure of phase corn, Bandit
Bp's are Peaches & Pumpikin head (butt head is what my son calls him and really wanted to name he's only 4)
Sumatran High Yellow Blood Python, Precious
I think i got all of them.

Laura-Lee L & kiddies
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