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Reputation and perception are factors but that is sort of beside the point because I thought this was about "cutting the other guy's throat" on equivalent product. I hope I'm not being too repetitious but I have to restate the fact that it is impossible to have to sell a product for less than it is worth in the sense that the price a product sells for DETERMINES what it is worth. What else can determine value other than the actual selling prices of that commodity?

It is ridiculous to complain about someone selling a similar product for less than you're asking. It is not unfair, it's competition. If someone wants to sell his stock first he will have to sell it for less (this of course assumes the quality of the stock to be equal). Fair is not the price the seller wants or the price the buyer wants, fair is what you negotiate. This is also why it is foolish to complain about the buyers that want to talk you down in price. The agreed selling price is what counts and that is what sets the value of the product. Your product ISN'T worth what you are asking for it, it is worth what you GET for it.

If you want to sell anything successfully you have to learn and accept that buyers want the best price they can get regardless of the work and money you have put into the product, it's irrelevant to them. You need to remember too that the other guys out there selling the same thing you're selling don't care about you either. They are called the competition for a reason and if they decide to flood the market with cheap stock because that's what suits them at the time then they're gonna do it, if it screws you then that's your **** luck. Sound harsh? Well it is. Once again, welcome to capitalism.
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