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I simply posted this based on a market value standpoint ...personally I find it erroneous (in some cases) to base looking at an add simply on reputation. For instance, I dont sell much stuff at all... however to the people I have sold to I have heard nothing but compliments.... what makes a good reputation on this site?.... perhaps recomendations from others... or what you have personal experience with. If I look a new member of than I would assume they have little or no experience ... however take me for example ..I have been breeding geckos since I was 13...I am 20 now, but only joined this summer... I now have plenty of various reptiles such as R. Leachianus, various Uromastyx, a Cribo, cresteds, leos, and grandis days to speak of only a few ... So I guess my question is how does one gain a reputation on a site such as this ?
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