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ICULIZARD - I see what you are saying. Let me clear up my personal thoughts on that...I don't specifically mean "high end" by morphs. By high qaulity I mean only the best of the best. If that means the best nicest looking normals or the coolest new morph...I think people should use a little more discretion when breeding things. That's not to say I meant your specific animals, not at all. Or even people giving it a try or two. Its just the large amount of "lower end" qaulity stuff doesn't really need to be there ya know what I mean? that would bring prices up for everything because you are getting high qaulity. Just like I said before does Canada really need me breeding MORE snow corns next year just because I can? Probably not. They are already *everywhere*. When another year comes I want to try and get some keepers then sure I will, but I wont just keep doing it because I can. That's all I really mean.

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