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ah I see was just curious im just trying it out this season as it while be my first I just have an all around love for it dont want to make a profit it would just be nice if I could do my hobby for next to nothing. and im just trying to dip my fingers into everything, normal leopard,hypo tang,blizzards,jacksons chams and antherstic corns and bps if Im lucky like ive said ive only been in it for 8 months but my collection has grown quickly. its just I figure start now 16 by the time im 20 I should have a nice little collection. but I cant make a profit everything is gonna get thrown right back into the reptiles :S but thats cool the more and more I read the more and more complicated it seems, from what I am getting you need to be open to a large consumer base to make anything doing it. Dont mind my grammar it was written in a rush.
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