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I really agree with what you said....however, I just have one question.

You said: "This is why I feel its very important for people to stop breeding together anything and everything they have, in the long run it will eat your money up and just ad more blah qaulity animals to the market. Only offer and sell the best of the best and quickly you will find things to go better imho."

Now my question: Take Bearded Dragons as an example. Do you think people should stop breeding lower colour morphs or normals and stick to the high colour morphs that demand the higher prices? I think this is a difficult subject. On one want all your stock to be the best and only sell the highest colours. On the other hand....I feel that some people do not have that amount of money to spend on a reptile (considering all the other hidden costs involved) and therefore you should provide different levels of animals so everyone can benefit.

What do you think?

Bringing color to your collection.....
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