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That depends on what you consider "serious"

I am not even sure still at this point what the issue is. Canada obviously has a smaller population, and like others have mentioned anyone who has gotten into this hobby thinking they would sell out in a week for whatever price they want, or make huge money, is at this point S.O.L. Especially with things like cornsnakes and leopard geckos. This is why I don't understnad why people constantly must breed everything they own. I mean does Canada really need 400 people breeding normal leopard geckos or amel corns? LOL I bred my snow corns last year, but now they will have this year and possibly next year off. Just because you have doesn't mean you must if you know what I am saying

But I also believe reputation plays a HUGE part. You can't honestly think you'll sell whatever you are selling at top dollar if no one knows who you are. You need to establish buisness and personal relationships over a few years of time and be consistantly providing the HIGHEST qaulity animals you can to constantly have quick sell outs if you are selling privately.

If you believe your stock is some of the best available no matter what species it is, then don't drop price. If they are high qaulity, and others agree, they will sell eventually. This is why I feel its very important for people to stop breeding together anything and everything they have, in the long run it will eat your money up and just ad more blah qaulity animals to the market. Only offer and sell the best of the best and quickly you will find things to go better imho.

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