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anders_240sx -

Just for the record, since you decided to bring our name into this post......we had 180 Chameleons. We have had clutches hatching every 3 or 4 weeks....we have not be trying to sell the same ones for 2 months. They are not our main focus here, obviously everyone knows that Bearded Dragons are our main interest. We are not having a hard time selling our stock (they actually have been selling very quickly) and we are saving the remainder of the Chams for the show.
We breed the Chameleons to help cover costs when Bearded Dragon sales are low......

I would rather sell low to Pet Stores than sell high-colour morph dragons to people that want the colour, quality and good bloodlines but don't want to pay for it. In this business you always have to deal with the people that say....."well, I can go over to that table and he/she is selling them for $100 cheaper". or "I've decided to buy from this person instead because she will deliver and is selling them cheaper............Well, that's because you're paying for different quality stock, but not everybody understands that.

I understand your can be hard to sell stock (not just on the sites, also any other avenue you try) We deal with this situation by producing Chameleons for so cheap, so that way we can hang on to our dragons until we get the asking price. We also make ourselves competitive by having 3 or 4 sales a year and providing services for our customers that are not common in this industry.

Good luck selling your animals......I do feel for you. Selling can sometimes take all the fun out of breeding.

Bringing color to your collection.....

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