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I am in no way in this for profit ... this summer I was fortunate enough to break even (cost of food, enclosure, approx. electricity vs. sales) however, such pet stores continue to sell beardies at $99.99 each, and they cant keep them in stock for more than a week or so ... yet on here people struggle to sell them at $50 each .... Veiled chams go for $80 -$100 in stores and are typically sold within a month... ICULIZARD has been trying to sell them for more than 2 months at $25 each and still has plenty available ... My whole point of this rant was to say that as much as I would love to simply sell my animals on reputable sites like this one, I just cant afford to keep holding on to them till they sell. And MARISA, I used leos as an example .... even high end reptiles are hard to sell on here
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