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Anders, I understand exactly what you are saying. The thing is.. if you don't want to be frustrated by this fact (because it's a fact, people are cheap ), you need to buy your animals at a low prices or better plan your life and keep the animals you buy and not have to sell them.

I sold a couple of reptiles in the pasts years on different classified sites and price is rarely an issue with serious buyers, serious buyers who know what they want will rarely try to lower your price, unless it's outragoeous.

I now learned that you need to put a fixed price and if people make ridicoulous offers, don't even reply. Some people just love to deal but they don't even have the money, they get a kick out of lowering a price simply to pass time.

If you're selling a 60$ reptile, you're better off selling it at your local petshop for 25$, than selling it for 30$ to someone who is cheap !

I could go on and on, because I did observe some really pathetic behaviors from certain buyer, but this is your rant, not mine
But don,t worry, it's like tha t with any animal, any price,,, and even any other merchadise.. try selling a user VCR, you'll be as frustrated.

So I'll say... good luck !

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