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Lightbulb Re: Re: hmmm hmmmm...??

Originally posted by BoaBoi
Well if that's true then it doesn't really matter if it's a begginner species or not if you're sure you can provide the correct environment. You sound like you've done alot of research so that should be no problem, personally I like snakes I can handle. If your looking for a snake to be more of a display theme then almost any aboreal snake will be fine provided with proper climate and sufficient hides.

Might not help any, but just my 2 cents.

--yeah... you're right, good call. I guess it's one of the "carpets". Not unless there's something I missed...? I'd just hate to bring a new snake home and learn that I can't take care of him properly...
thanks J

Actually, I have another question; is there an arboreal dwelling snake that doesn't grow to such a large size (6'+)...? I must sound like such a rookie LoL ~
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