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For one, if you think the only thing people are buying off this and other reptile websites is leopard geckos, think again. plenty of people including myself buy quality stuff regardless of price. If your stuff is high qaulity and I want it, I am buying it.

Another thing is you want to make some money back, but on what? leopard gekckos? Unless you are selling dozens you can never make enough money to break even with them. Your money for crickets, enclosure, the leopard, and electricity will go far above any profit.

My feelings are sure, if you are selling things that are often seen yes you'll have to lower price. If you are a small breeder with not much behind you, then yep you'll have to lower price. But if you are a person who has shown consistant qaulity animals, has a good reputation and high qaulity animal in the ad, people will pay for qaulity.

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