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Unhappy hmmm hmmmm...?

Originally posted by UpscaleBoas
I think this is the best beginner snake....hits all but one of your requirements.....he will be more active at night...but then a gain so will most snakes
--It's early for me in Vancouver, so my brain isn't at it's best... but, which snake are you talkin about..? I'm assuming that the snake is Arboreal..?

Originally posted by KristenM
Hey, I have a jungle carpet and shes awesome! But carpets may not be the snake for you. Carpets get a pretty good size like 6ft, and I dont know how large that aquarium is but I would guess it may not be big enough to house an adult carpet. Also theytypically aren't the most friendly snake, they are pretty nippy, and they have a lot of teeth! Also for a baby you are looking to pay 275$ (for a jungle, costals are cheaper) and up! Amazon tree boas may be a better arboreal snake for you but they are also very nippy. For a beginner if this is your first snake, I would personnally recommend some of the more typical beginner snakes, like corns, ball pythons, western hognose etc. But if you are really set on carpets they are awesome animals and make a great addition to any collection. But if your looking for a snake to hold this may not be the snake for you!
Hope you find the snake that your looking for!
Thanks Kris, yeah, there's a JCarpet over here in Vancouver, and they're asking $300.00 for it... That's pretty much the maximum I'd want to spend... wait, actually that's the most I can comfortably afford at this moment in time .
Push come to shove, handling the snake is not a top priority, but I won't get the snake if I can't care for it properly... there MUST be an Arboreal dwelling snake that's in the "beginner" section.

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