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My small rant

I have to say selling animals on this site and others used to be great. Recently, you get a couple people selling their stuff at insanely low prices, now everyone has to. It seems that if leopard geckos are posted on this site, they have to be $20 or less for them to even be considered sold. Yeah its nice to know they are going to a decent home. But sometimes you need a little extra cash, and spending days and even weeks negotiating prices for you animals isnt worth it. I could sell all my leos at $35 each to petstores in my area. Yes, some will only give $25, but they are sold instantly. My whole purpose of this rant is to simply say that classified ads are a good idea, but it just takes a couple people who simply want to get rid of their animals to ruin it for everyone. I have to sell a bunch of my stuff ..for even cheaper than wholesale, just to get some of the money I paid back. Anyways thanks
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