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Arrow Another newbie needing advice from y'all

Thanks for clicking...

First of all.... I've read & researched tons of posts from this (among others) site's search feature. And still I'm not 100% sure on the right choice.

Here's what I've come to as the best choice for a beginner snake;

-Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons
-Jungle Carpet Pythons

Now... I know that there are probably a ton of other snakes out there that are easier for the beginner to keep. But, my choices were influenced by these factors that I''d like to keep;

A- The smaller the better
B- The more active the better
C- Preferebly not shy by nature/ likes to display its' self & active during the day
D- I REALLY want a snake that is ARBOREAL by nature
E- Not too expensive

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I have the Oceanic Systems Lizard Lounge (model 70) and a lighting fixture that runs a tight beam basking bulb, a flourescent UV tube, and a redundant heat lamp (non directional)... it looks just like this -- (not visible are the 6 circular vents along the back of the tank)

Would the above tank be sufficent to house any of the "carpet" snakes that I prefiously mentioned..?

Please HELP >>> all opinions & advice VERY much appreciated <<< :dumb:

BTW-anyone know of a breeder in Vancouver, B.C. Canada..?

P.S. Do you know if there are any snakes (readily accessable/purchasable) that look like the Green Tree Python, but without the danger and hazards..?

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