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There are enough people out there that breed them, Why don't you do rescue work? Maybe you should wait until you've had your corn for atleast 4-6 months. Have you taken your corn to the vet? Had a fecal done? Do you know how to quarantine. If not maybe you should spend 6 months researching an animal you want instead of buying one on a suggestion.

Just because you read a care sheet does not mean that you are prepared to take on the animal. Research for months, find out what kind of illnesses affect snakes, mites, internal parasites, what it eats (there are snakes that don't eat rats and mice), if they have to have alot of humidity or not alot,

I have come across care sheets that say brb needs only 60% humidity, while the breeders I talk to say they need atleast 80% humidity, and higher.

Just because it says something on the net does not mean it is true.

Just because I look up many care sheets on penguins doesn't mean I can just go buy one as a pet!
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