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I have an Idea it could work if we all give it our best shot as we all know is one of the bigest reptile sites in Canada.
But we all have our own littel site or at least alot of us do if we were to make a petition and everyone were to post one there site to have it sighned now only the members of that site can sigh and to make us all look go we could make the same petition but only sign it once so if you signed it here dont sing it on any othe site then one a spesific date we taly up all the names and if all goes well all the members of just about any reptile site has signed and don't forget it goes fast a member on sSnakeSs startes one on his sit then a person on his site starts one on her site and so and so. And in 2-3 monts we tally it all up and it all ends here on the 31 march in the general discution forums and then it is printed and sent to whom it may consern.

Hey if we can get a 49 foot retic storry in every and all reptile site on the net we can pull this off


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