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YES, that's exactly the Mosquito model I'm talking about. It was so awesome that I nearly fainted when I first saw it sitting on the flight-line, lol!
Here's a pic...

The next in line is a nice Hawker Hurricane, and at the back is a Chance-Vought Corsair.
Apparently, some of the Mossie's components are made from plywood from the actual DeHavilland factory that used to produce the real ones during the war.! Now THAT'S a piece of history.
The builder really did an amazing job on it. It looks as though he machined and built the landing gear oleos from scratch, because they look perfect, and I have a feeling that he most likely vaccu-formed his own ****-pit canopy for it.
Just spectacular!

I like your little road car.
Do the 1/18 scale RC road cars have all the working suspensions, etc? What motors do you use - I seem to recall that the 1/10 scale ones used to use motors with numbers like 340, 540? It's been a while though, and the ol' memory's a bit foggy...


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