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Although I applaud your enthusiasm and your efforts, I am afraid I have to agree with most. If I was looking for a caresheet, why would I go from point A to point Z and THEN to point B.

The point being, your site will turn out to be nothing but a links page, and in the funky world we know as the internet, even linking to a site, pretty much requires permission. Riding on the backs of someone else's efforts is just not cool. You would be better off going for your original content based on your herp experiences and your animals, keeping in mind that you want t bring something useful to the hobby. Building a caresheet that may provide erroneous information, can be just as bad as copyright infringements so be careful.

A few years back, I was a member of an offroad club here in Ottawa and I was put to task to change their crappy little 1 page site into a place that was worthy of a visit. Well despite the fact that I am no longer involved in this site, they have stuck with my finalized design, graphics and structure. Only the current events have changed. Pop by if you like and take a peek Although you will no longer find accreditation on this site as my design, I am still very much in possession of ALL the revisions that were made over the three years it took to build.

The point is don't give up, don't take this as bashing, keep working at it, never be afraid to ask for opinions and help, and it will pay off in the long run. Best of luck to you.


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