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Wild Boyz

OMG Who else watches this? It's frikkin hilarious.

The episode I watched tonight had them in Belize. One of the first things was them trying to catch some wild Green Iguanas. It was awesome! They shook two trees, both times the iguanas did what the guide told them they would which was drop to the ground right away then swim into the water and sit on the bottom. They would go underwater and grab them there. I know my iguana Roxy always likes to lay underwater in the tub! LOL.

Then they found a boa which of course bit the crap out of him. And he got bitten by some fire ants, which had him screaming.

It's really not educational at all, a couple tiny peices of real info here and there LOL. They also are in thongs for most the show... But its funny too see people doing something other than the norm with some wild animals. They say no animals are hurt, and I haven't seen any look hurt and often they use zoo animals as well as wild ones. They did drop the boa (which they were holding blindfolded) which I didn't like. What do you guys think of the show?

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