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I'm a little confused about your arrangement. Have you taken an aquarium with a wire mesh locking lid and simply tipped it forward so that the mesh is facing you? I have done this with my female BP and I have her on a set of steel shelves. I am using a 60W bulb shone through the front screened side pointed diagonally down and into the enclosure. I've used the clamp attached to the light's reflector to mount it to the side of the shelves. You should never point a light at glass. If it's close enough to the glass to heat the inside then it will be close enough to heat the glass to the breaking point. I found this out the hard way myself years ago when I had an iguana. I would recommend you get yourself a rubbermaid container to get your snake out of the cracked aquarium. Cracks are bad and tape has a whole other set of potential problems.
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