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Hey, haven't seen you in a while. I'm sorry to hear you've been having problems.
I don't think to many people use just lights. A UTH (atleast mine, which are zoomed and a couple of ones called heat wave.) go to about 110 degrees and it was still climbing when I decided to stop seeing how hot it would get.

Just use the proper sized UTH, go to wal-mart and get a lamp dimmer, they are about $8.98 without tax (unless your in new hampshire). I have two rubbermaids (same size) that are hooked up to one lamp dimmer.

I plugged the lamp dimmer in, put a extention cord in (That has 3 prongs, one to ground it) and hooked them up to the other extention cord. and it keeps their hot sides 90-95 degrees.

I think alot of people say that lamps dry out the snakes and enclosure.
If you want to put light on it still, use a clamp light, and put it to where it is on the front part of the tank where the light is shinning through the wire......

I hope that helped. If not I'm sure there are other people here with good ideas to.
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