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Exclamation PLEASE HELP: Placing a tank on the side

Hey guys--
I had my ball python, Marla, in a 55gal that was placed on its side for space reasons. The screened side, which used to be the top, became a side opening, and I placed the lights on top of the tank, on one of the glass sides.

This setup worked well for almost three months. Then, for winter break, Marla went to live with someone else, who maintained the same setup. However, her tank returned with a huge spider crack under where the lights are placed. The girl taking care of her told me when it happened, and she taped it to secure the glass as I asked. I put Marla back where she used to be, and plugged in her light as I usually do, but I elevated it a little bit.

Tonight, a day later, when I changed her day light to a night light (which wasn't elevated, incidentally), I started to hear these cracking noises. I looked at the tank and the crack was spreading to underneath the night light.

I've now moved Marla's tank to a place in the room where it can be upright, since I'm worried that the safety of the tank will be compromised if it cracks anymore.

However, I'm wondering how all of you who reported placing glass tanks on their sides do this successfully. Do you only use UTHs and not lights? I'm pretty unhappy with the tank's position right now, but i'm sure I'll figure something out.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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