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Something like this would be nice....
<img src="">
Simple but sweet, I guess

When I look at this picture, the first thing that I see is the retic's head because it's in the middle and because it's very focussed. But when I look right at the retics head, I can still read the title a bit from the corner of my eye even though it's blurry.. however, you can't read the catch line thing but it sticks out. Like, out of the corner of my eye, i see a bunch of text that I can't read but that sticks out so right away, I turn my eyes to read it.

You know... the title shouldn't be the thing that stands out the most but it should be big. The sentance/motto thing should be the oposite... it should be very small but it should stand out. Then the rest of the banner should be one simple nice picture of what you specialize in. A lot of the focus should be on the picture too. You would think that well since you want to advertise your site, you would want the name and catch line to be really "out there" and that yuo should just have a small picture off to the side that is barely noticable. What I tend to do with my banners is I think of what would look cool and do the opposite. The opposite always seems to look nicer in the end, anyway!!

Well, tell me what you think..

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