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I'm sorry, but I disagree. Having one single repository for caresheets, even if they are just links to other sites, would be most welcome. The problem with search engines is filtering through all the CRAP that is out there. However, I will concur with a few negative points that have been been brought up as well, and I do mean this constructively:

snake_goth, your spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious, and I think you know this already. Reading some of your posts gives me a headache, and when you make a website that you want to be taken seriously, it would be a good idea to either A) Hire someone to proofread your text or B) Get someone else to write it for you. You will not be taken seriously the way the page is now, I'm sorry to say.

However, don't listen to people about the HTML builder. That's just a bunch of elitist crap, and if anyone on this board wants to criticize you for using a template, I'll personally challenge them to an HTML match. Ignore it. The template you selected looks good, and that's all that counts.

The last and MOST IMPORTANT advice I can give you is this - email the folks at NERD and get their permission to use their care sheets. Don't ruffle anyone's feathers if you don't have to.

Hope this helps. You have a pretty good start.
- Ken LePage
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