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Hey..guys..what ever happened to encouragement? Do you think we got it all right the first time on this site? For some of us, and i know i fit this bill...spelling is terrible. Yes, this site has some spelling mistakes. As well, i realize that alot of the caresheets point directly to Nerd....guess did most of them on this site in the beginning. We are bashing someone who probably has limited skills at websites...perhaps theyre first. We have all done something for the first time and screwed up...but there is no need to be nasty. Take it for what its worth. Its a new site, a dream someone had, and they are putting time and effort into it. No need to bash, lets give good critisism and help them to advance from there.

I think you are making a good stab at this site. I wish you the best of luck with it and hope it grows for you. Like several others have stated, take your time, read and re-read. Let spell check become your best friend. Caresheets in your own words are the way to go. Just don't copy..that will get you into all sorts of trouble. Make sure to give us updates as you change things around...keep up the good work
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